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The evidence is clear.

Our kids and youth today are less active than they were a few years ago, and its affecting their health.

They spend more time indoors and less time participating in physcial activities trhat provider much needed exercise. Obesity has tripled in the last 20 years. 

SKATEBOARDING and WHEELED SPORTS is a low cost solution to this health problem, its healthy, its athletic, and more importantly its FUN. 


What We Do

Lobbying Local Board and Council

Engaging Skatepark designers and contractors
Navigating the Capital Improvement/Renewals process

Operating as a nonprofit organization 

Helping The Community

Project and Volunteer Management

Grant Applications

Building a community coalition

Reinforcing our Commitment



East Skate is a community of all wheeled sports

East Skate Club was formed in 2020 with the goal of promoting and supporting wheeled sports in East Auckland. We want to offer young people the opportunity and facilities to be active both physically and mentally.

East Skate Club wants to help nurture young talent by connecting parents, skaters, council and businesses all in a single point of focus.

Inline, scooter, skateboarding are all becoming increasingly popular around the world and it’s critical that we create easily accessible spaces within our community for these sports to flourish.

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining skating facilities that our young people, their parents and the community can be proud of.

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Ways We Help


Addressing the barriers of wheeled sport participation across East Auckland

Safe Environment

Promote a positive skate community where everyone cheers each other on, a place that skaters can be free from the real world, and meet the best people, whenever they want, at no cost.

Council Consultation

Providing a voice for the wheeled sports community and actively pursuing new skate areas along with exploring funding avenues for skate programmes and have a go days